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Explore Lusail City: The New Rising Star

5 Apr

Explore Lusail City: The New Rising Star

Lusail City, one of Qatar’s trending and newest “it” places to visit. The city itself is filled with things to do starting from entertainment, shopping, eating and since the FIFA World Cup many other activities.

Lusail Night Market:

Enjoy Qatar’s night life at Lusail Marina Food Arena filled with café and food trucks. The concept of the food arena is a drive-in, or drive-through which offers newcomers a variety of options including coffee shops, burger establishments, and other fast-food options – it is a place where you will have a good time there! Whether or not you own a car, everyone is welcome to browse around the food arena. If you enjoy discovering new places around Qatar and new foods to try then this location is a perfect spot for you. Drive around until you find a food stall that looks good to you, park, order, and enjoy the cuisine, and then don’t forget to quickly move on to the next one to try out more options. You are also able to approach the food trucks of your choice and place an order for it to be for take-away.


Place Vandome: 

Place Vendome is one of Qatar’s most recent mall extensions. You can explore some of the fantastic store alternatives whilst admiring the mall’s stunning interiors and magnificent architecture, and other features the mall has to offer. The mall will undoubtedly impress you upon the first glimpse. Rue de la Paix, a well-known high-end shopping street in the city of Paris, serves as inspiration for Place Vendome’s design, which exudes elegance in every crevice. The mall has several floors that are identified as the canal. Everyday at 7pm – 11pm, a breathtaking Fountain Show is performed hourly. This musical show is named “The Dancing Fountains” that you shouldn’t miss at the mall’s outdoor space.


Lusail Marina Promenade:

Looking for a spot to enjoy some leisure time? Lusail Marina Promenade is the perfect place for you. Lusail Marina Promenade was at first a walkway for the public located in the city, it was opened to the public in 2018. The area is frequently utilized for light sports activities like jogging, cycling, and other forms of exercise because of the pedestrian walkway and tree linings. The city of Lusail is near to the Doha Corniche, a city growing in popularity as a destination for tourists who want to relax, have a picnic, or even enjoy a nice stroll. The Lusail Marina Promenade is also near the food arena so you can grab some food and enjoy it at the marina promenade. The city’s growth will make Lusail a smart city and another one of many national architectural marvels in the future years.


Lusail Boulevard:

Buzzing over its 1.3-kilometer length, Lusail Boulevard is named to be the heart of Lusail. It consists of a variety of multi-used buildings with luxury shops, offices, and luxury flats that have all been meticulously planned and constructed to meet the highest standards possible. Throughout the Lusail Boulevard numerous dining and shopping options are spread out throughout each area, providing locals and guests with distinguishing high-street lifestyle and recreational opportunities. The urban architecture of the commercial zone is very carefully planned for pedestrian street dining and shopping. Lusail Boulevard was the location where this year’s double celebration of Qatar National Day and FIFA World Cup finals parade took place as the stadium was very close by.

To explore more and take part in activities in Lusail you can visit our ‘explore’ section. ViaVii team are more than happy to assist and enhance your trip in Qatar, you can contact us through our official website or our social media platforms: LinkedInFacebookInstagram.


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