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How to Get Started Vlogging Your Travel Experiences

5 Apr

How to Get Started Vlogging Your Travel Experiences

Travel vlogs are a great way to document your experiences and share tips with your fellow travel enthusiasts. There’s a market for it too — YouTube’s platform partner Aux Mode states that travel vlogs make up almost half of all travel channel subscriptions, and subscriptions to travel channels increase by 106% year over year.

What makes travel vlogs so attractive? According to a conference paper presented in ICHSSR 2021, travel vlogs can affect users’ behavioral intention to travel by conveying useful information about a location, relating to and interacting with an audience, and being entertaining. Are you up to start vlogging your own travel experiences? If so, keep reading to know how to get started.

Basic equipment you need

The first piece of equipment you’ll need is a camera. Many casual vloggers like Andre & Mara, blog owners of Honest Travellers, are content with using their mobile phone cameras, especially with the latest specs available in the market. For example, the triple rear camera setup of the Xiaomi 13 Pro accommodates different camera modes from Movie to Vlog, and goes up to 8K resolution. Its 4,820mAh battery supports 120W fast charging and also allows it to last all day — which is perfect for continuous backpacking adventures.

More serious vloggers, however, would rather opt for a digital camera, which has larger sensors and better ISO sensitivity. Besides its XAVC HS format, the Sony Alpha a7R V mirrorless camera has a faster, more precise wide-area AF even in low light alongside an improved Pixel Shift Multi Shooting that responds to changing conditions. This ensures that the camera can keep up with a travel vlogger who likes to shoot at various locations in one go, regardless of multiple setups that vary in lighting, tone, or movement.

An additional perk of the digital camera is its compatibility with add-on equipment, from lenses to mics. Zoom lenses like the Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II or the XC 15-45mm power zoom kit are a great addition to your equipment kit. Most camera zooms go no wider than 24mm equivalent, which is too tight for most travel or landscape vlogging. With ultra wide-angle lenses, you can film yourself talking to the camera while still showcasing your background with ease. Additionally, a portable mic like the Rode VideoMicro can help capture your voice in crowded or noisy environments, eliminating the need for voiceovers or subtitles in post-production.

Unique experiences to capture

Travel vloggers can choose to feature a destination’s environment, culture, food, locals, and many more. In our previous feature on the journeys of Abeer Nammari, we showed how Nammari highlighted the vibrant streets of Jordan. The richness of the locale was palpable in the different streetwear and stall signs that Nammari featured via blogging.

Other travel vloggers are known for focusing on a specific niche, which can help if you are hoping to build a specific audience. YouTuber Mark Weins built his reputation by delivering each country through mouth-watering morsels, while Nikki and Jason of Gone with the Wynns cater to travelers interested in the RV travel lifestyle.

Regardless of your focus, good video quality and cultural etiquette are standards that all travel vloggers must uphold. Good video quality can be obtained by investing in good equipment, following basic composition like the rule of thirds, and ensuring practical lighting. Cultural etiquette, meanwhile, differs from place to place and needs tons of prior research. For example, you can reach out for a handshake only if the person you are greeting is of the same gender in Jordan. In contrast, countries in Eastern Asia may prefer a non-contact bow as the traditional way of greeting.

With the tips above, you will be able to put out quality travel vlogs that you can look back on with fondness each time. If you hope to share your cultural experiences and build long-lasting friendships around the world, check out Viavii to find out how to become a part of these incredible experiences.


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